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Strawberries and Cream

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Some of the cards from my seasonal-still life paintings have been picked up by Johnson’s Florist and Garden Center on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, DC. Please take a look when you stop by for your flowers…



August Morning

Friday, August 1st, 2014

A poem by Albert Garcia in celebration of the poignant, brief-and-boundless late summer.


It’s ripe, the melon
by our sink. Yellow,
bee-bitten, soft, it perfumes
the house too sweetly.
At five I wake, the air
mournful in its quiet.
My wife’s eyes swim calmly
under their lids, her mouth and jaw
relaxed, different.
What is happening in the silence
of this house? Curtains
hang heavily from their rods.
Ficus leaves tremble
at my footsteps. Yet
the colors outside are perfect–
orange geranium, blue lobelia.
I wander from room to room
like a man in a museum:
wife, children, books, flowers,
melon. Such still air. Soon
the mid-morning breeze will float in
like tepid water, then hot.
How do I start this day,
I who am unsure
of how my life has happened
or how to proceed
amid this warm and steady sweetness?

—Albert Garcia