Moon Over Orcas Island


Keep your fingers crossed for clear skies tonight so you can see the Blue Moon: that is, the second full moon in a single month, which will not happen again until 2015. I post a watercolor of this month’s first full moon (which my daughter and I admired from Orcas Island), on August 2nd, in its honor.

It is a celestial event that seems especially significant in light of the passing on August 25th of Earth’s moonwalker Neil Armstrong—the first human being who could gaze up at the full moon and say, “I was there.”



Bed & Breakfast Inn Seattle


By sheer chance I stumbled across this B&B in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, a lovely old house run by two friendly, welcoming, and helpful women who, when they weren’t making delicious breakfasts or tracking down useful information for guests, were cleaning and vacuuming like crazy. I love B&Bs because (among other reasons) there are always interesting people to meet and talk with at the communal breakfast table.