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For over 30 years I have kept a sketchbook-calendar. It not only helps me keep track of what’s going on and to develop ideas for projects; it’s also a place where I sketch whatever is notable or interesting or amusing (at least to me) about the day.

The sketchbook-calendar has been a constant presence on a road that began in childhood with drawing fairies and painting school play scenery and proceeded through a graphic design/illustration degree and career, with parallel tracks in painting, portraiture, card-making for friends, and Waldorf homeschooling, which teaches through the arts.

Each Day is a Celebration features a daily post, a picture in celebration of the day. Sometimes it will be from my sketchbook, created specifically for the day. Sometimes it will be pulled from one of the multiple meandering paths of my life, and you will find here a painting, a portrait, a birthday card, or a lesson in North American Geography.

So check in from time to time. I hope you will find something that pleases you or informs you, something to make you smile.

14 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. What a lovely gift you are offering here. I thank my lucky star for finding this window into your sketch book this morning.

  2. Oh, Sheila, I welcome this into my life, and I certainly can’t say that about every blog I run into. This is lovely!!!

  3. Thanks Sheila for this lovely daily gift. I’ve bookmarked it and will check in often! Enjoy the new year and new beginning.

  4. Thankyou Dear Sheila for this gift! I am so happy to follow your work, it is a real pleasure! I shall often look into your blog, I am sure.
    This is a great idea to get rid of unused things, too bad it is so hard to do so!!! especially books, I cannot be separated with them this is probably why I prefer book stores to libraries…… but I shall have to get to them and return the borrowed loved books…….aarrr….

  5. Was my reply too long?
    So I’ll just say I love the blog and shall open it often
    Thank you for this gift

  6. Thank you for making a wish I’ve had for a long time come true: having your beautiful artwork and wonderful musings to brighten my days.

  7. What a beautiful, intimate, and provocative way to usher in the new year and each new day. Thanks, Sheila. Even the font for these comments is esthetically pleasing!

    I have now requested Throw Out 50 Things from the public library (my favourite place: I would be happy to die there). I am number 48 on the waiting list.

  8. Wonderful Sheila. I love it! What a great gift you have and I am so happy you are now going to be able to share it with the world!

  9. You should publish this next year. Do it! Others will then get to enjoy what we are witnessing each time we log in. Amazing, personal, unique…add me to the list of grateful fans!

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