A Winner!


I know, I know, this is cheating because I haven’t drawn or painted it, but I had to put up the results of the Quilt Raffle for Haiti project.

Today some of the members of our little homeschooling community gathered for a celebration and official ticket-drawing. It was fun to read them as we tossed them into the basket—there were lots of Mid-Atlantic and New England tickets, but also some from as far away as Montana, Oregon, California, and (Olde) England. The winning ticket belonged to: a kindergarten teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. Congratulations! Let’s hope this beautiful quilt helps keep her warm and well for her little pupils during the last few weeks of chilly weather.

And in 10 days we sold 143 tickets, raising $1,430 for Haiti Projects! Thank you, thank you, everyone who purchased tickets for this worthy cause! We are hanging on to them for a second drawing, later, because there were some extra unused squares that will be transformed into…we know not what. You may be hearing from us.

One thought on “A Winner!

  1. Haiti Projects thanks all of you who worked so hard to make this absolutely exquisite quilt and who organized the raffle. You can be assured that the proceeds of the raffle, an impressive $1,430, will have a major impact on the lives of the women and children of Fonds des Blancs, above all after the earthquake. Most of these families already lived in poverty but, since the catastrophic events of last January, they have had to welcome in their midst relatives and friends who came from Port au Prince in need of food and shelter. Let me thank you on behalf of all those who will benefit from your generosity! You were truly wonderful. With kind regards, Anne Anninger
    Director for US Operations, Haiti Projects

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