Cows on the move

Years ago we belonged to an organic CSA in rural Maryland. It made deliveries in town, but welcomed visitors to the farm to help with harvesting vegetables and pulling the never-ending weeds. (Which is a much more festive activity when undertaken as a group.) There were also CSA potluck picnics, impromptu soccer games, and memorable fund-raising dessert raffles. I particularly remember a chocolate truffle cake…

On a few occasions I packed not only a sketchbook but paints and canvases. This painting emerged one hot late summer day, and it was a challenge. Cows may look immobile but, let me tell you, they don’t stay in one position for more than a few seconds. My hat goes off to Rosa Bonheur.




2 thoughts on “Cows on the move

  1. You have captured this exactly, Sheila: the heat, the light, the sound of cicadas, the smell of grass and meadow. I’ve been writing haiku about August and wanting to convey just these things. I love this painting! I can *feel* this painting.

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