Time to break a bottle over the iMac: sometime during the last few days this blog got its 250,000th hit! Thank you, dear followers, and I hope it continues to hold your interest for the next quarter-million.


2 thoughts on “Celebration!

  1. Congratulations!!!

    A good friend of mine once quoted a wise person who said that every day, we should do one thing just for pleasure. Opening the Each Day e-mail or going directly to your blog guarantees my minimum daily requirement. Obviously, I’m not the only one.

  2. HOORAY! That very old ad(age) of “A day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine,” has morphed for me into “A day without Sheila’s blog is a day without sunshine.”
    Thank you for bringing beauty, joy, humor, poetry, your insights, and so much more into my/your public’s life/ves.

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