Palisades Parade


An event we enjoy just as much as the Fourth of July fireworks is the Palisades neighborhood parade, which begins with a rousing group of bagpipers and concludes with cowboys on horseback (an arrangement cleverly designed to keep manure off the marchers’ feet).

In between are families riding their decorated bicycles; dressed-up trucks from the local firehouse, plumber and grocer; a group of fabulously energetic Peruvian dancers; local politicians distributing flyers, jewelry, and candy; the GLBT Different Drummers, with their Big Band/Swing sound and exuberant drum major; vintage cars driven by their vintage owners; home-grown George and Martha, Uncle Sams and Statues of Liberty; a huge float bearing summer campers belting out Broadway show tunes; patriotically attired dogs; and a crowned and smiling Miss Millwood, the currently favored teen queen of Millwood Place.

We wave, we cheer and clap for everybody, we go home feeling a love of country and a connection to all humanity.


2 thoughts on “Palisades Parade

  1. But Sheila! You failed to mention the librarians and more importantly the candy. My kids collected enough this morning to last them until Halloween. Also I loved that this year the ACLU had a float with a blues combo.

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