St. Anthony’s Day


Recently I misplaced, or lost, or had stolen when I was looking the other way, a small purse containing the usual basics: driver’s license, credit card, bank card, etc. Most of the items can be replaced without a lot of trouble, except for the irreplaceable sweet message from my daughter age four, and a co-op card that was a gift from my mom (I just like seeing it and thinking of her).

Well, I completely forgot about St. Anthony, and instead put my faith in the DC Department of Motor Vehicles. No wonder the purse hasn’t turned up. If you don’t know about St. Anthony, please see Something’s Lost That Can’t Be Found.

2 thoughts on “St. Anthony’s Day

  1. We have always kept a holycard of St.Anthony in the kitchen “mailbox” to put out when something is misplaced.

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