Chestnut and Mushroom Festival Part 3

The second major focus of this festival was the cèpe, a wild mushroom that, if rainfall and temperatures permit, is abundant in this season. As we walk the forests of this region, we have encountered folks bearing baskets and seeking out cèpes. (Since we’re not familiar with wild mushrooms, we haven’t joined in this search, not wanting to wipe out our family by accident, although there are apparently not toxic varieties that greatly resemble this one.) Anyone who wishes can offer their finds and bargain for the best prices at the many Marchés de Cèpes taking place in this season. Professionals, like restaurateurs, usually buy large quantities; but anyone may be a customer. I was tempted, but the minimum purchase is a banquette of three kilos, which is a LOT of mushrooms, and I couldn’t persuade the woman standing next to me to split one.


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