A Still-Life Calendar for 2017


Here is one of two new calendars for 2017 (the second, quite different, calendar to be posted soon). In this one each month features one of my seasonal still-lifes.

The calendar is 8-1/2” x 11” and printed on sturdy satin stock, substantial enough so the images can be saved as prints.

A single calendar is $23; a set of two is $42. Shipping is 3-day Priority Mail, domestic US.

If you are in my area, you can obtain a calendar from me directly without shipping—just let me know.

Unless you prefer to be surprised, you can look at tomorrow’s post to see the twelve still-lifes featured within.

Single calendar:

Set of 2 calendars:

4 thoughts on “A Still-Life Calendar for 2017

  1. Its beautiful Sheila! I’d like one for myself and others but want to see the other one before I place an order.

  2. Hi Sheila! I love BOTH calendars and would love to have one of each, please. Not sure what order form to use – Each Day Is A Celebration OR Little Pudding….

  3. Id love to get one for my classroom. If you dont mind deliverilg it to school I wont have to pay postage. Thanks Sheila

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