Set of Two Calendars

Below is a link for a set of two calendars, made for those who asked about obtaining one of each, the “grown-up” still-life calendar, and the “children’s” Little Pudding calendar. However, several actual grown-ups have expressed a desire to live in Little Pudding. It’s probably a post-election wish for an environment of diverse creatures who live in relative harmony without eating each other.




Set of two calendars, $38



2 thoughts on “Set of Two Calendars

  1. SO EXCITED!! I just ordered 2 sets of both calendars – Still Life AND A Life in Little Pudding!!!! Will keep 2 for me (one upstairs and one down) and the others for a super friend of mine in Pacific Grove. . . .

    My Mom is smiling!! So is yours!! Amazing spirit connections. . . .

    THANKS, Sheila!!

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