A Calendar for 2020: Cathedral

Here is my new calendar for 2020, each month featuring one of a series of paintings at Washington National Cathedral and its gardens. The calendar is 8-1/2″ x 11″ and printed on sturdy satin stock, substantial enough that the images can be saved as prints. (Soon I will post the paintings for each month, so that you can see them all, unless you prefer to be surprised.)

A single calendar is $23; a set of two is $42; plus shipping. Shipping is Priority Mail, domestic US. If you are in my area, you can obtain a calendar from me directly without shipping cost—just let me know.

I’m sorry that international shipping costs make the calendars too expensive to ship overseas.

They will also be available at the Washington Waldorf School Holiday Bazaar on November 23rd, along with note cards featuring the Cathedral paintings and my other cards as well.

Single calendar:

Set of 2 calendars:

3 thoughts on “A Calendar for 2020: Cathedral

  1. Sheila,

    So glad that you are still going forward with the calendar sales. I previously advised that I wanted two of them. Can I come by and pick them up sometime? Please let me know what works for you and how much should I put on the check (or so you want cash?).

    Thinking of you and Jim. Hope all is progressing well.


  2. Sure! Thank you, Sondra. I am expecting a shipment tomorrow and I can let you know when they are in.

  3. Hi Sheila,
    Love your calendar! Can I send you a check (v. PayPal) to buy one? If so, what’s a good address to mail it to? And total amount, to include mailing to us?

    I’ve been keeping you and Jim in my thoughts– hoping he continues a full and speedy recovery.

    Happy holidays!

    Greg Friedmann
    44614 Potomac Drive
    Ashburn VA 20147

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