2 thoughts on “Why Are We Not Wearing Masks? Choose…

  1. I always love the paintings. I don’t understand the deep blue in the middle. But i do understand more about autumn the older I get. Today I came back from dancing in the grove for Ruth and my dsnce friend and I did pushups. Ruth could 20 every day. I did 2t today. My shoulder is healing. And I set out onions and radishes and talked to my pumpkins and my dahlias and they csn tell how I admire them. I pulled up a bunch of calendulas and thanked them. They are already making babies
    That’s nature. Some are dying and some are already dead and some are just arriving now, without a care in the world

  2. Ah, the garden, and the larger world of growing things… they proceed with their lives as best they can, unconcerned with politics, sprouting, blooming, seeding. Of course, that is appropriate in plants, but not in our fellow citizens.

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