Plymouth Rock


Today is the day in 1620 on which the passengers of the Mayflower came ashore at what would become Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts. I had learned in elementary school about Plymouth Rock—the boulder onto which the Puritans supposedly first stepped—and assumed it was symbolic or even mythological. But on a family trip to the area some years ago I was taken aback to find along the shore an actual Rock enshrined in a mini-temple. Thus the entry that day (featuring the Standish/Alden trio) in my sketchbook. Happy Plymouth Rock Day!

Beach Memory


A sketch of the beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts, where we were at this time last year. But we knew back in January when we replaced our ancient furnace that there would be no summer travel for us this year. So, instead we attempt to go swimming every single day, before breakfast, or before dinner. Or sometimes both! That’s two vacations per day.

To see the dangers you risk when you return from an actual trip out of town, please see Bananas.



Life on Earth


At this time of year my husband and I are usually in western Massachusetts (hiking, sketching, and—if deadlines have required hauling along a laptop—working) while our daughter’s homeschool coop spends the week working on a Hudson River Valley farm. This year the coop has a different plan, so here in DC we remain. Nevertheless, in honor of Earth Day, I post a sketch from one of our hikes through Mass Audubon’s Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, where we have spent many happy hours quietly watching beavers. (The beavers are less happy to see us.)

For another sketch, and a history of Earth Day, please see Earth Day.