Magic Puzzle Boxes


I dislike shopping, unless it is for, say, dinner party ingredients, or perhaps used books at the library’s twice-yearly sale. Generally I try to purchase everything possible online. However, this is tough with shoes, so I agreed to take my daughter into a Sears store to acquire for her a pair of coveted Converse sneakers.

I remember when this meant sitting down in a chair, being fitted by a chatty salesman, and having boxes fetched from a secret room. What a surprise! no chairs, no salesman, no secret room. (This is probably the result of so many folks shopping online. Uh-oh.) Instead, we had a lengthy and baffling search through fifty boxes in order to find two matching shoes in the correct size. Like a treasure hunt. Or a bizarre dream sequence. We were eventually successful.

CakeShells Father Madden



It’s been a busy day without time to prepare something (there are no snow days when you homeschool). So, inspired by the dozens of wet shoes and boots in the front hall, I am putting up a card I made for our favorite local children’s shoe store salesman when he retired to Florida several years ago. And if he’s watching the weather channel, I’ll bet he’s glad he did, too.